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How to Produce a Successful Virtual Concert

The global pandemic has caused a massive shift in the world of music and live events. As we’ve already tackled in our article on Action Step Checklist for Event Organizers Dealing with COVID-19, event organizers, promoters, and booking agents have had to make adjustments due to the unprecedented crisis. And while there have been ways to hold in-person events through the use of strict social distancing protocols, one safe alternative for live events has been executed through the leveraging the digital space.

Shifting to Live Stream Virtual Concerts

Established events such as Tomorrowland have made the shift to the online sphere. And while these events have changed, it doesn’t make them any less impressive, as there is still a lot of work that goes into live stream digital events. Some of you may be curious about how these events come to fruition or even want to host one of your own, if that’s the case then you are in luck. If you want to know more about live stream virtual concerts, read on as we take a closer look at what goes into making a digital concert!

Getting the Video Right

The visual aspect of online concerts matters just as much as the music itself. This is why the camera that an event uses to live stream is integral to the overall quality of the entire production. While it’s normal to assume that one would need a professional camera to hold such events that is not always the case.

A professional camera will help, but it’s important to note that technology has evolved to the point that your smartphones may be enough to live stream your concert. CNet details how iPhones can now record at 720p, 1080p, and 4K, making them a pretty capable option if you’re operating on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy a professional camera. If you’re going down the iPhone route, you’ll want to pick up a gimbal to ensure that the camera movements are smooth and stable.

Getting the Audio Dialed in

With that being said, audio still plays an important role when it comes to pulling off a successful online virtual concert. No matter how great your video quality is it can all be ruined by poor audio quality.

When it comes to audio quality, gear acts as the bridge that connects your production with the thousands of people that could be watching online. This is why it’s important to have gear that is up to par for the task at hand. Shout4Music details that the Audio-Technica AT2020 microphone boasts incredible depth and clarity, which is why it’s known to be the standard for studio recordings. Along with such a high-quality microphone, you’ll also need an audio interface to connect all your equipment to your streaming device. Be sure to test the sound before going live to ensure they’re at optimal levels in order to put on a good show for the audience.

Choosing the Right Live Stream Platform

Lastly, you’ll want to select the streaming platform that best fits the kind of show you’ll be putting on. Over the last couple of months, artists have explored various streaming platforms… some are listed here: Billboard’s updated list of online concerts.

But most stream platforms fail to provide a true end-to-end solution. Many platforms are lacking in one or more areas. Other stream platforms charge an upfront fee or subscription – or even worse, they take 10% to 20% or more of the ticket face value right out of the event organizer or music artist’s pocket. Most lack in-stream tipping features and tip gamification, no tip shoutouts on the stream, or they force the fans to leave the stream in order to submit their tip through a clunky process.

Fortunately, Afton LiveStream checks all the boxes when it comes to an all in one streaming platform. Your live stream virtual concert deserves a powerful platform, and Afton does it all.

Guest blog written by: Jayla Burchin

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