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Action Step Checklist for Event Organizers Dealing with COVID-19

Event Organizers are faced with an unprecedented crisis that is affecting every city and every state in the United States. The corona virus (COVID-19) is forcing us to make tough decisions on a daily basis.

So many event planners have been overwhelmed by “what to do first?” There are many resources online but I’ve found there are few places that give a step by step checklist of what needs to be dealt with ASAP.

My company, Afton Tickets, has been helping our clients through this process and our goal is to help as many event organizers as we can.

The Afton Tickets COVID-19 Checklist:

Click here to read the guest blog article I wrote for the EventHub Blog last week.

If you have any specific questions for me or need a helping hand, please reach out at:


Let us know what is helping you most through these hard times. Do you have any new ideas we can share with our event organizers?

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