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Facebook Bans Live Stream Virtual Concerts?

Has Facebook banned live stream concerts on Facebook Live? This is a question many musicians are now asking, including our Afton LiveStream clients. Facebook recently announced new rules regarding artists streaming musical performances and virtual concerts on Facebook Live. This comes as a great shock to the music industry and to major artists and independent rappers, bands, and DJ’s.

Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and the live events and large gathering ban – musicians are financially hurting more than ever! Live stream virtual concerts are the best way for musicians to monetize their performances during this time.

While Facebook can change it’s rules and policies surrounding virtual live stream concerts at anytime, it appears that for now, there is inherent risk to musicians if they live stream concert content on Facebook Live which could result in removal of their stream content or even their musician profile entirely. While Afton cannot give any legal advice, musicians should definitely consult with their legal team before considering a live stream music performance on Facebook admist these new rule changes.

Many major artists are making significant revenues on live stream concerts with a paywall or paygate. Some sources, including a case study on the band Underoath, are reporting that total revenues from 1 live stream concert series exceeded what the artist typically would make on a real-world tour. There is a substantial amount of money to be made for major acts between live stream ticket face value, fan tips, and merch sales.

Dancing Astronaut recently published an article about these new Facebook Live rules here.

Our Afton Tickets LiveStream platform is dedicated to ensuring that major artists, promoters, event organizers, and independent music artists can connect with their fans and monetize their live stream virtual performances.

If you’re a manager, record labe, promoter, or major artist, please contact our team here to learn more about our major artist LiveStream platform.

If you’re an independent artist, start live streaming with Afton here.

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