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Afton Tickets LiveStream: Powerful experiences deserve a powerful platform.

Like most event organizers, booking agents, and promoters involved in the music industry, Afton Tickets had to quickly adjust our long-term strategy due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know shows will return someday, but as each month passes, it’s become evident that live streaming, virtual concerts, and video on demand is here to stay. Afton Tickets Live Stream was built to streamline operations and ensure a flawless experience for the promoter and artist with all the features you would expect from a ticketing platform.

Why Does Afton Stand Out?

Our Live Stream virtual concert platform stands out in a crowded field of streaming platforms because we took the time to do it all. There’s no shortage of streaming platforms that have emerged over the last few months, but few, if any, deliver a true end-to-end solution for major music artists, promoters, record labels, venues, and fans.

Highlights Include:

  • Fully integrated ticketing and streaming.
  • Early Payouts.
  • Support 1080p Full HD and lossless.
  • Support audio up to 256kpbs with Advanced Audio Codec (AAC).
  • Geo-target fencing for visual tours, or sell worldwide.
  • Option for a full AV production install.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Cloud-based: Stable bandwidth and fully scalable.
  • Anti-share ticket protection.
  • In-Stream 2-click tipping without leaving the stream.
  • Tip gamification and social engagement to maximize tips/donations.
  • Live chat with emojis.
  • Multiple layers of redundancies to protect you from stream disruption.
  • Plus many more features you won’t find anywhere else.

Afton Offers the Highest Payout on the Market

Since 2004, it has always been Afton’s mission to payout artists, venues, and promoters as much as possible, and our LiveStream platform is no exception. The Artist/promoter keeps 100% of the ticket face value and streaming never costs them a thing! We pay for all of the stream ingest, stream delivery, bandwidth, and fan watch hour costs. We have also optimized the fan tipping offering 2-click tipping, gamification and motivating in-stream social engagement which results in increased tipping amounts and frequency. This puts more money directly into the artist’s pocket!

The Perfect Fan Experience

Because we are such avid music lovers and concert-goers, the fan experience was equally as important to us. We make the ticket purchase simple and quick and the watch page has been enhanced to cater to the fan (ad-free streaming, no forced account creation, real-time chat, card storage for in-stream tipping, attendee support, etc).

While we miss live/in-person concerts every day, there has never been a more important time to offer an artists/promoter focused platform that brings in revenue during this unprecedented time and gives fans new access to artists they love.

Ready to Schedule a Demo?

If you’re an event organizer, record label, booking agent, promoter, or a major artist with 35,000+ monthly Spotify listeners, Schedule a Demo Here to see what we can do for your virtual concerts.

If you’re an independent band, rapper, or musician and you’d like to create your own virtual concerts with no up-front costs, full feature set, highest indie payout, and 1-on-1 support from a Booking Rep: Get Started Here.

In-person concerts will come back… someday. But live-stream virtual concerts are one of the only ways artists and other music industry players can financially sustain themselves through COVID-19. We’re in this together, and Afton is here to help however we can.

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Ryan Kintz
Founder & CEO at Afton Tickets
Ryan Kintz: CEO and Entertainment Visionary
Meet Ryan Kintz, the visionary CEO behind Afton Tickets, Afton LiveStream, and Afton Shows. With a rich background in event organization, concert promotion, and entrepreneurial ventures, Ryan is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Afton Tickets: Elevating Event Experiences
As the co-founder and CEO of Afton Tickets, Ryan serves a diverse clientele, including fairs, festivals, beer/wine/food events, and concerts of various scales, from 500 to 100,000+ attendees. His commitment to excellence shines through, providing tailored ticketing solutions that enhance event experiences and streamline ticket sales.