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Afton Tickets Launches Virtual Events Platform with Free & Pay-Per-View Options for Event Organizers.

Afton Tickets launched an end-to-end virtual events platform for Event Organizers and major artists. This comes at a time when event planners need a live streaming and virtual events solution more than ever.

“Unfortunately, things won’t go back to ‘normal’ once live events can resume. New restrictions on events for social distancing, lowering max capacity, etc. are expected to be in effect when live events come back. Not to mention, a 2nd or 3rd wave of COVID-19 could force yet another live events ban. So as Event Organizers, we need to be thinking of how we are going to handle that – virtual events are clearly the best strategy.” Amy Kintz, Afton Tickets co-founder.

The Afton Tickets LiveStream platform was built to help Event Organizers, music artists, promoters, and booking agents produce virtual events. Clients will be able to choose between free virtual events with registration that will collect attendee information, or a virtual event with a pay gate, where attendees purchase pay-per-view virtual tickets.

“As soon as the COVID-19 live events ban began, it became clear that event organizers were going to have to move to the virtual event space. I’ve been apart of an expert webinar panel for many festival organizations, and polling has shown that over 77% of event organizers are in need of a virtual events platform.” Explains Afton Tickets co-founder, Ryan Kintz.

100% of Revenue Will Go to the Event Organizer

One major difference between the Afton Tickets LiveStream platform and others in the marketplace is that with Afton Tickets LiveStream the event organizer will receive 100% of the face value of any virtual tickets sold, 100% of in-stream tips and donations, and 100% of in-stream merch sales.

Comparing this pricing model to streaming platforms such as Twitch (which takes 50% of the revenues) or platforms such as Mixer or Stageit which takes a substantial cut of face value gross sales, event organizers will be able to utilize our Live Stream platform and maximize revenues during this COVID-19 crisis.

Lower Service Fees to Your Attendees

Event Organizers and fans are used to the exorbitantly high service fees that most ticketing companies charge. Ticket Master and other ticketing giants routinely charge fans anywhere from 20% to 48% of ticket face value. Simply put, your attendees hate high service fees with a fiery passion. We all do.

Afton Tickets provides fair and low service fees to your attendees that are lower than even Eventbrite’s service fees. But Afton provides you so much more than “just ticketing services.” The live stream service fee that your attendees pay covers everything we do for you – including use of the stream platform, stream ingest & delivery, bandwidth, ticketing, all of our advanced features, and a dedicated Account Manager that you can reach by phone.

A few other companies have also created virtual live event platforms that give Event Organizers all of the revenues without taking a cut. But because they rushed to market are lacking vital features that the Afton platform already has built-in from the start. Or, these live stream platforms were an afterthought “add on” to their existing platform without future-proofing their live streaming feature set to still be applicable and valuable once COVID-19 ends and in-person concerts return.

An All-in-One Solution

Another factor to consider when choosing a live stream or virtual events platform is whether or not they provide everything you’re going to need long-term. The last thing an Event Organizer needs is having to worry about managing their live streams and in-person live event ticketing across 2 different platforms.

By choosing a provider like Afton Tickets Live Stream, you can rest easy knowing that you can solve all of your in-person ticketing needs and live streaming needs with Afton.

No matter which route you choose to go, remember that during this COVID-19 pandemic the steps you take right now are going to have lasting effects on the future of your business. Many promoters and event organizers are going to ignore live streaming and think it’s just a “temporary fad.” Those organizers are going to miss out on this opportunity to hone their skills at producing amazing live stream content and learning how to properly market virtual events.

Will You Be Left Behind?

Live streaming is here to stay, forever. Consumer’s mindset is already shifting drastically to where after COVID-19 they are going to be used to watching virtual events from home and continue to make that a regular part of their “live events” buying habits.

The forward thinkers and the organizers that become experts at marketing and producing virtual events right now during this pandemic are the ones who not only will survive this but they will outpace their competitors once live events fully re-open.

If you’d like to book a quick demo of the Afton Tickets LiveStream platform click here. Now is the time to start monetizing your existing relationships and your existing skillset with virtual events!

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Ryan Kintz
Founder & CEO at Afton Tickets
Ryan Kintz: CEO and Entertainment Visionary
Meet Ryan Kintz, the visionary CEO behind Afton Tickets, Afton LiveStream, and Afton Shows. With a rich background in event organization, concert promotion, and entrepreneurial ventures, Ryan is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Afton Tickets: Elevating Event Experiences
As the co-founder and CEO of Afton Tickets, Ryan serves a diverse clientele, including fairs, festivals, beer/wine/food events, and concerts of various scales, from 500 to 100,000+ attendees. His commitment to excellence shines through, providing tailored ticketing solutions that enhance event experiences and streamline ticket sales.